BDOM Bibliographic Dictionary of Medicine

The Bibliographic Dictionary of Medicine shows you - instead of an encyclopedic article - a collection of free medical review articles (-2011) or free PubMedCentral articles covering the topic you are looking for.

In addition, some articles from my own wiki might be shown as well as some contents from the english wikipedia.

Part of topics come with simple search phrases which are connected to my OssiPubMed websuite so you can run a search in PubMed, many Publishers Journals archives and article databases, also for theses and books.

Here we go :

Search in Titles and Bibliographies by PubMed-Type boolean search or by single word


Paste in Boolean searches like PubMed searches. Phrases must be included in ''signs''. Operators AND OR NOT can be used. () works, term expansion by *

Example: (PMID20511055 AND "vitamin d") NOT frog*

You will search a single field which contains PMID, TI and AB of every article which is included in the bibliography listed as a result.

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* free medical articles in nephrology and kidney diseases * free medical articles in urology and prostatic cancer * free medical articles in hypertension and cardiovascular diseases * free medical articles in rheumatology and clinical immunology * open medical articles in cardiology, heart and thoracic diseases * open medical papers in pulmonology and lung transplantation * open medical papers in gynecology and obstetrics and neonatology * open medical papers in gastroenterology, hpb, liver, pancreas and biliary system * open medical papers on colorectal carcimoma and gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer * free reviews in cell biology, developmental biology and signal transduction * free reviews in proteomica, molecular imaging, plasmon and photonics, nanomedicine * open reviews in nanotechnology, drug delivery, sirna and regenerative medicine * open reviews in microbiology, virology, bacteriology, hiv, hepatitis, ebola, microbiome * open reviews in neurology, cns disorders, psychiatry, nervous system biology, ophthalmology, neuroophthalmology, ear nose throat and hearing research * free reviews in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery * free reviews in dermatology, skin and cutaneous disease * free reviews in osteology, bone, mineral metabolism and calcification * free pdf in connective tissue disorders, fibrosis, metastasis, invasion and progression of renal failure
How is it made ?

The basic idea at the draft of the 'Metatextbook of Medicine' in 2011 was to identify any freely available review article in PubMed, to decide whether it would be 'interesting' to the broad scope of readers belonging both to clinical medicine as well as basic biological research in the life sciences, and to tag it to match some appropriate concepts or single items.

By this way, 86.000 papers were matched to some 14.000 topics covering antiquity up to 2011.

Currently, a similar but different approach to fill-up new papers is running:
Major source of papers to be included are the monthly new-entries in PubMedCentral, selected by human sense of beeing 'interesting', 'educational' or 'systematically relevant'. This gives about 25% of about 30.000 items per month.
The open access papers are tagged into 10 broad subject areas covering some clinical disciplines and basic biology, and they are listed monthly in PDF files at meaning Very Interesting Papers in...
At some time, some VIP's will be tagged into this BDOM (Currently: hpb201401-201404 Gastroenterology)